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Why Remote?

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

That’s usually the first question I get from prospective clients: “what’s the benefit of remote management? I explain to them why Glass House is the perfect accomplice for investment ventures because we offer a remote management solution that allows us to provide a high-level overview of their portfolio.

Let’s start from the top, the first thing to know is the basic components of Property Management.




The People are the residents, vendors, prospects and employees. Between all of these key players, the property transforms into a community. The Property is the property. Build and they will come, self-explanatory right? Wrong! There is maintenance both emergency and preventative. There is curb appeal, as well as maintaining the value to be competitive. Value is what leads us to financials. This is what we’re all here for, The Financial performance of the investment. It requires formulas and accounting that is pieced together to ensure accuracy, and complete and concise financial reporting.

Back to the original question, why remote? Simply because we’re excited to do all of the leg work that you’re not excited to do! Working off-site allows us to focus on what really drives business; property, people, and financials. Glass House provides custom reporting for each level of business that is comprehensive and owner-friendly.

An empty office doesn't scare us. We're always working for our clients!

We’re able to manage properties with an agility that owners or on-site staff may not be able to. Through strategy we’re able to help conceptualize and brand investment properties to market to its competitive advantage. Operations allows us to assist with the opening and post-opening along with analyzing prospective renter feedback to drive to stronger leads. We perform competitor evaluations and market segmenting with an unbiased approach to convert those leads. Managing budgets, forecasting, price-value and brand to make any portfolio thrive.

Glass House is able to offer these services remotely from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world! Owners won’t miss a beat with reporting that is sent directly to them and accessible in real time.

We’re happy working behind the scenes so that properties are front and center!

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