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Introducing a New Hospitality

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

It's actually a funny story, and I know people say that often. I was thinking one day "how could I get my grandmother to smoke weed?"

That's when I knew Glass House was needed. My experience ranges from Property Management, Real Estate, Sales and Customer Service for more than a decade. Each of these industries have seen tremendous change in what is demanded by consumers, and consequently, what is provided by businesses. I decided that I wanted to create Glass House to cater to the new focus of consumers: process rather than product. What this means is that everyone is looking for that one-of-a-kind experience that they can share. Now there's a new customer that is overdue for the type of experience we're providing.

A new industry with an $80 Billion potential.

Marijuana legalization is sweeping the country, there is no doubt about that. What's missing is not enthusiasm,but property based businesses that are willing and able to cater to this new wave of consumers. In each major metro that has moved to legalize Marijuana, both medical and recreational, what's missing is Consumption Space. Comfortable spaces that cater to the new unique needs of Marijuana enthusiast, and that's where we come in.

In summation, Glass House was the way for me to answer my question. I can introduce my grandmother, and yours, to marijuana through luxurious spaces that provide a learning and leisure experience. Perhaps a Bed & Breakfast that will serve comfort food infused with Marijuana oil. Maybe a coffee shop that provides a cup of mud (as my father calls it) with an edible treat on the side.

What about you? How about a smoke lounge where you and your friends can play a game of pool and vape after work, just enjoying the company of people who love the plant as much as you do.

Welcome to Glass House.

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