What we're about is simple: remote management of luxury properties that offer a refuge for cannabis enthusiast in a landscape that allows consumers to buy, but not consume.  

While property is our passion, The Glass House name is also recognized as the aficionado of Cannabis Hospitality. Not only do we provide standard management services, we provide the expertise and training for cannabis inclusion. 

Director of Fun Stuff aka 
Director of Development

I'm not passionate about property management, that's why I develop. I think through the wave of development in most major metros we've forgotten about the beauty of what we do. 

We have the power to erect structures for recreation and necessity. Don't show me a cookie-cutter outline for a building, it's infuriating. Why would we not build beautifully, creatively, and most important, sustainably, every chance we get?

Director of Boring Stuff aka
Director of Operations

If you ask the team they would call me "fearless leader" but nothing could be further from the truth. I'm often scared sh**less. I've spent the bulk of my professional life in Operations, so I know intimately the hard work that goes on behind the curtain.  They might also say I'm a "natural leader", I call that hogwash. 

I study and practice leadership the way that King James practices being a leader on and off the court. The way you practice is the way you perform. That's why, when I started at Glass House I decided to throw the rule book out the window. My top priority is my team, and their top priority is the client. 

Reporting Ninja
Director of Analytics

I didn't even know how much I loved Excel until everyone told me how much they hate it. Are you kidding me? It can do everything. That's when I started to branch out and changed my career to data science. 

I build worlds inside of databases and then present it on a silver platter. I couldn't imagine doing anything else now. Give me a spreadsheet, raw data, an Americano with extra shot of espresso and watch the world unfold. 

Cannabis Concierge

If I ever dreamed of a better job I couldn't recall it being any different than what I'm doing now. I get to take my hospitality background and tailor an experience that caters to cannabis users.


I could be behind the scenes as an event planner today, or the front-and-center gracious host tomorrow. My day consist of asking "how would this be different if we added Kush to the menu."


Every experience is exceptional, and every experience is Higher Than Expected. 

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